When I started VHS I was still deciding what style I was going for. Eventually I fell in love reminiscing my MMO and oekaki days of hard pixels, and in the fourth comic of VHS I switched over to hard pixels. I always wanted to redo the first couple strips and finally found the time and a reason to do it – for the launch of the new VHS website!

I don’t have the heart to wipe the old strips off the face of the planet, and it’s encouraging for me to see the progress side by side, and probably encouraging for other artists too! And if you get a creative block… revamp some old artwork to get your creating juices flowing without any added pressure!

View the before & afters below – The difference is minimal on some panels… but I think overall it’s a huge improvement and a big relief to have all the strips consistent now!

#1 Snooze

#2 were R U

#3 C U Soon