• Nellie, Vi & Vee cameos in Hacheeachkee!
      Ahhhh I love this!!! I’m a complete jerk and somehow didn’t know about this cameo until just now… But anyway this is a page from the comic “Hacheeachkee” by MylCreates on Tapastic! Thank you so much for putting my cute critters in your comic! 😀 What a great idea for this page!!
  • I Have No Words
    This artwork Emily made is just insane. I… love… it…. ;___; OMG the bats… their little FINGERS ;__; Would anyone like to buy prints of this?!?! Tell me in the comments!!!
  • Fabian’s Inktober VHS Fanart!!!
    Babs is running late as always!!! This was made by amazing comic illustrator Fabian Lelay. So honored!!!
    I love this fanart of Nellie by Emilysu! she looks SO CUTE
  • “The pleasure is all mine~”
    we love to hate him, and Kerri aka wombat-knight on tumblr also loves to draw him! i love it.. look at those cheekbones baby!!!
    HOLY CANNOLI!!! this is dedication, fanpires… your costumes look AMAZING!!! I’m over the moon right now… this is the ultimate form of flattery. I’m so humbled, THANK YOU!!!!! (˃̥̥ω˂̥̥̥) these two CUTIES are Madison and Kerri aka glue-sick and wombat-knight on tumblr!
  • And the VHS Cosplay Collage Award goes to….
    Faith aka @microwavedhope on Tumblr is a superhero. I actually lost my mind when I saw these collages she made. She looks so cute as Babs AND Pippy in her Snollylops shirt!!!! seriously when things like this happen my mind is completely blown. THANK YOU CUTIE PIE ♡