• Completely Self-Indulgent Animal Crossing X VHS Screenshot Dump!!!!
    I couldn’t help myself. FORGIVE ME!!! No one loves VHS as much as I do!!! And thank you my friend Yoon for being my Pippy!
  • Animal Crossing x VHS
    Not many people know this, but I’m OBSESSED with Animal Crossing… I played New Leaf for years and got Happy Home Designer for my birthday this year 😭 It’s so fun and cute!!! So I realized nothing would make me happier than to have VHS uniforms in my Animal Crossing games…
  • after-school hoodlums
    A little sketch I liked of Babs and Pippy I found in my sketchbook from a while back ☺ at first I thought maybe these would be their summer uniforms, but I think it’ll be the uniform for their rival school… Do you guys want to see more sketches in the Bonus Stuff section on the website?
  • Undertale X VHS
    I was super obsessed with Undertale last year and doodled Muffet as a Vampire High School student. Now I wish she was really a character in the comic… so cuuuute and so fun to draw!!! 😭😭😭 I bet she’d give Nellie a run for her money in home ec 😏  
  • VHS tiled backgrounds
    I wanted to learn how to make tiled backgrounds, so I made these just for funsies for my VHS readers. Feel free to use them wherever you want! I’d love to see them put to use 😚
    I made this a LONG time ago to comment on people’s walls on Tapastic whenever they subscribed to VHS. I don’t really check my followers there anymore (though I will still put up the strips and reply to comments on Tapastic when I can) so now this bloody Babs can just live here. 😀
  • Revamped VHS strips!
    When I started VHS I was still deciding what style I was going for. Eventually I fell in love reminiscing my MMO and oekaki days of hard pixels, and in the fourth comic of VHS I switched over to hard pixels. I always wanted to redo the first couple strips and finally found the time and a reason to
  • Babs & Pippy IRL
    I took these photos with Emily for my VHS online store! (Back when it was still up RIP – new one coming soon I SWEAR) Emily is a Flawless Pippy More pix below the cut!
  • ❤Best Friends Forever❤
    I made postcard prints of this illustration and had them for sale on the old store RIP. I still have a ton leftover, but had to put all the VHS merch in storage before I moved to New Orleans in August. I’ll be able to get them in the Summer at the very latest! So expect to see them on the NEW
  • Sketch Post
    Unfinished Babs & Pippy painting 😢 I like it but probably won’t get around to finishing it. Pixels are just more fun for me!!!
  • Batty About You
    V-Day sux when bae is Dracula ♡ Feel free to share the luv with your friends!
    Pippy the Tragic Witch species: human / broomstick: rake familiar(s): viper / magic: summoning everyone was using the “witchsona” generator to find out what kind of witch you are, so i did Babs & Pippy! feel free to use it as a coloring book page!
    Babs the Dimension Witch species: doll / broomstick: teleporter (no broom) familiar(s): disembodied arms / magic: portal generation i drew Babs & Pippy for witchsona week and never finished them, so now they’re coloring pages for anyone who want to give it a shot!! ♡ i’d love to see what you
  • Tumblr Halloween Giveaway!
    Hello fanpires! To celebrate Vampire High School webcomic’s popularity, The Big ‘Ween, and the GRAND OPENING of the Vampire High School Online Store I’m hosting a giveaway on Tumblr! ♡ Keep reading for details~
  • VHS Students
    hi everyone! thanks so much for all the subscribers on Tapastic & Tumblr!! it makes me very excited to keep producing the comic o(*゚▽゚*)o which ones are your favorites? who do you want to know more about? ♡ more characters under the cut!