• Halfway 2 Halloween SUCCESS!!!
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    Halfway 2 Halloween was a BIG HIT! I met Scream Queen Geretta Geretta from the cult horror films DEMONS and RATS! and got a shirt I will wear basically every day lol. 👹💫 sold lots of VHS merch and made so many friends too! Thanks again NOLA Horror Film Fest!!! And with that, the new-and-improved VHS store is LIVE on the VHS website! The new Halloween zines are up there and… knock on wood but…. some SUPER SICK notebooks are coming in the near future. 😻 I’m so excited!!!     ~~~
  • VHS x NOLA Horror Film Fest 4/22
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    SO COOL! Vampire High School has a vendor’s table at NOLA Horror Film Fest’s “Halfway 2 Halloween” event this Saturday, April 22nd in New Orleans! 🎃🎉 The event will have tons of horror film screenings, burlesque shows, costume contests, food, drinks, and everything else of your wildest dreams!!! It’s also at Castillo Blanco Art Studios AKA the headquarters of Chewbacchus parade krewe. I don’t think I need to say anything else to make this party sound cool. If you’re in New Orleans definitely come check it out and say hello!! Tickets are $25 for a day-pass or $8 per film block, and I’ll be there all night selling VHS shirts, zines, pins, and postcards! For more info check out the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/437391629938375/ 💕 If you can’t make it to New Orleans but wanna check out VHS merchandise, don’t fret!! I’m trying to get the store up and running again this week! Big kiss 😚
  • Revamped VHS strips!
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    When I started VHS I was still deciding what style I was going for. Eventually I fell in love reminiscing my MMO and oekaki days of hard pixels, and in the fourth comic of VHS I switched over to hard pixels. I always wanted to redo the first couple strips and finally found the time and a reason to do it – for the launch of the new VHS website! I don’t have the heart to wipe the old strips off the face of the planet, and it’s encouraging for me to see the progress side by side, and probably encouraging for other artists too! And if you get a creative block… revamp some old artwork to get your creating juices flowing without any added pressure! View the before & afters below – The difference is minimal on some panels… but I think overall it’s a huge improvement and a big relief to have all the strips consistent now!
  • Babs & Pippy IRL
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    I took these photos with Emily for my VHS online store! (Back when it was still up RIP – new one coming soon I SWEAR) Emily is a Flawless Pippy More pix below the cut!
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    Cool I’m gonna have a new website one day!
  • Black Friday SALE!!!
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    It’s here!! Black Friday IS HERE!!! *heavy breathing* Between stuffing your face with leftovers be sure to check out the sweet deals at the Vampire High School Store! Tell your friends what you want for Christmas before the sale ends Dec 1st at 12:01am~ ♡
  • “I was reading the comic and then something looked familiar…”
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    awaken-oh-sleeper submitted this to me on tumblr!!! THE VHS STRUGGLE IS TOO REAL!!!
  • Happy VHS Giveaway Winners!
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    Congratulations to first prize winner of the VHS giveaway Lara aka thebabybabushka looking super cute in her two new shirts! And below are pics of second- and third-prize winners megan-is-a-doll and gothicweeb with their VHS swag! Nothing makes me happier than this stuff 😀
  • Tumblr Halloween Giveaway!
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    Hello fanpires! To celebrate Vampire High School webcomic’s popularity, The Big ‘Ween, and the GRAND OPENING of the Vampire High School Online Store I’m hosting a giveaway on Tumblr! ♡ Keep reading for details~
  • VHS at NYCC
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    Hi everyone! Check out Vampire High School at New York Comic Con 2015 on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10! ❤️ We’ll be sharing a booth with our friends from Overclock. Come take pictures with Babs & Pippy! We’ll be there selling VHS t-shirts, stickers, pins and prints! After the convention there will be online store set up too, but check out the VHS swag at NYCC for early bird discounts! Thanks for all the support fanpires ❤️ Hope to see you there~